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Here are a few ways you can help.
Our studio can use all of the prayer we can get
Share. our trailer and our songs on Facebook. We are primarily raising awareness on Facebook
Express Interest.  If you are interested in investing, contact us so we can keep you informed. 
Attend. We are mainly based in New York City, but we also travel the country. 
Invest. Get a return on your investment and spread the good news of Christmas at the same time.

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Will this move be true to scripture ?
The movie is a rock musical... so as long as people know rock music wasn't invested back then........... then.... Yes!
Our team worked hard to be as close to scripture as possible. In fact, much of the movie is quoted directly from the Bible. 

When will the Movie come out?
We have to raise the investment first! So share the animations with your friends and buy the album. If we make enough noise someone rich might hear us. Ha ha ;-D

Where will I be able to watch The Unusual Tale?
We are in talks with distributors to bring the movie to multiple devices and platforms.

Will this movie be true to the musical?
Yes, it’s based on the musical that’s been running Nation-wide for 7 years. Audiences love it, so we will stay true to what audiences love. And we will make the musical even better by making it family-friendly.

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