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Don Chaffer Composer, Lyricist

Don, and his wife, Lori Chaffer, are the faces of the band Waterdeep, a #1 selling Independent Christian band. He was the composer for Son of a Gun which won the National Musical Theatre Conference. He has taught college students songwriting and performance at Lipscomb University. He has helped produce and co-write with Big Daddy Weave, Matthew Perryman Jones, Geoff Moore, the Indigo Girls, and more. His other musicals include The Sparkley Clean Funeral Singers, The Zombie Family Musical, The Burn Vote, The Cash Legacy, the Hank Legacy, and The (Almost) Unforgettable Edwin Booth.


Steve Day Director

Steve has directed for Marvel, Sesame Street, ESPN ESPY awards, and National Ads. His animation studios Hovr and ideaMachine have been in business for 13 years with the same budget as this movie. He has won a Drama League fellowship and he is a member of the Lincoln Center directing lab. He directed and developed Son of a Gun, a National Music Theatre Conference Winner. His studio has won 21 Telly Awards, and NAB and Communicator awards. He has directed amazing actors like Uzo Aduba (Emmy Award winner), Joanna Gleason (3x Tony nominee), Elizabeth Davis (Tony nominee), Tom Green, and Keir Dullea (Golden Globe winner, 2001: Space Odyssey). He proudly volunteers and is a committee member of Young Life Hudson County.



Chris Cragin Day Librettist, Screenwriter

Chris's plays and musicals have been performed in NYC and around the world. She wrote the book for Son of a Gun which won the National Music Theatre Conference. She was honored as an Emerging writer by The Public Theater’. Her play Martin Luther on Trial received an Off-Broadway run and two national tours with Max Mclean's Fellowship of the Performing Arts. Chris has received commissions from Pacific Theater, Fellowship of the Performing Arts, Spark and Echo Arts, and ArtWithin. She was recently awarded the Alumni of Excellence award at OBU. She is a professor at King's College. She loves stories of strong women who do brave things.

THE STUDIO has created Marvel's Battleworld, Sesame Street animations, and more of winner of 21 Telly Awards, and, NAB and Communicator awards. If this movie is successful we will launch a Christian Animation Brand with more stories to tell.

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