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1) The Christmas-story has NOT had an animated movie despite a fan-base of 2 billion  

1 Million Facebook Followers were gained in 6 weeks

3) Music by #1 selling independent Christian Band Waterdeep.

4) Based on a musical that’s been running Nation-wide for 7 years.

5) Winners of the National Music Theatre Conference.

6) From the studio that created Marvel Battleworld with an annual budget $3-$5 million.

7) PureFlix has offered $2.5 million in investment if we can find matching investment

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The Christmas-Story has not been animated as a movie. There are 2.38 Billion Christians with revenue potential of $5-$218 million. Other Christmas-story movies include:

1. The Star (2017) by Sony Pictures is an animated movie about the funny animals in the nativity. While we love animals, they're not what the Christmas-story is all about. 
Budget: $20 million, Revenue: $62.8 million - 3X revenue

2. The Nativity Story (2006) was well produced, but audiences saw it as an unimaginative retelling of the Christmas story. Budget: $35 million, Revenue: $46.4 million - almost 30% revenue

3. The Chosen Christmas Special (2021) was good, but the film struggled to appeal to unchurched audiences. Budget: $2 million, Revenue: $13.3 million - 6
X revenue 


Our model of success is The Prince of Egypt by DreamWorks; an animated musical retelling of the story of Moses that drew a wide audience. At the time it was the most successful non-Disney film made. 

The Prince of Egypt stayed true to the Biblical account. It had financial success, critical success, and it reached audiences beyond churched audiences. 

The Prince of Egypt  Budget: $70,000,000 Revenue: $218,000,000 3X revenue

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 4.04.04 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 4.04.15 PM.png


The movie will be based on the 7 year running musical called Unusual Tale of Mary and Joseph's Baby. That musical is co-written by #1 selling musician Don Chaffer and award-winning NYC playwright Chris Cragin-Day. The greatest-story-ever-told brought to life in a sincere human way, and with an animation-style that bursts with imagination and wonder.

The score is "Lovely"
Timeout NY

"An Unsurpassed Breakout Hit"

"A MUST-SEE show"
NYC Fringe

"A gorgeous musical"
Stage Buddy

THE STUDIO has created Marvel's Battleworld, Sesame Street animations, and more of winner of 21 Telly Awards, and, NAB and Communicator awards. If this movie is successful we will launch a Christian Animation Brand with more stories to tell.

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Thank you to these organizations for their encouragement and support

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The Bible Project.jpg
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The Salvation Army (1).png
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Lipscomb University (1).png
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All movies have an array of distribution options. Here are a few of those options.


PureFlix has 1,000,000 subscribers and growing. They are now a part of Sony Entertainment with a solid place in the market. 

streaming services.jpg

There are other big distributors like Amazon Prime, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and other services or create our own app. The Chosen TV series began with an app earning revenue through their app sold in the app stores. 


The Chosen used a $7 million budget to make $70 million. For that reason, we seek to follow The Chosen's marketing and sales tactics. The Chosen gave viewers a "freemium." Viewers were allowed 15 minutes of free content and then ask for a payment/donation. Payment/donation will also be asked upfront and at two other moments in the movie. Christmas entertainment is evergreen. The musical has been running for 7 years so we project revenues for five years. To put the business in simple math...

If 90,000 people worldwide, over 5 years, pay $14, investment will be recouped. 
If 360,000 people worldwide, over 5 years, pay $14, revenue will be 170%

If 720,000 people worldwide, over 5 years, pay $14, revenue  will be 250%


The Christmas story has not been animated for the big screen. 

It's time for people to know what Christmas is more than toys and candy.

People that don't go to church need to know the real story of Christmas.

And, if this movie is mildly successful, then we will create a Christian animation brand that could tell the greatest stories for years to come. 

Prayerfully consider joining us in sharing the good news of Christmas. Immanuel God with us. 

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Invest $250 or more

Pre-Screening Pass to watch Online Season 1 Episodes Early | Get exclusive access to watch Season 1 Episodes before general release.

Invest $500 or more

Your name in the credits as an investor + Digital BTS Photo Album | Your name is listed in the credits as an investor and exclusive digital access to a behind-the-scenes photo album at the conclusion of production (plus all previous perks).

Invest $1000 or more

Be a face in the crowd. You can be a character in the background of the movie like an extra! We will only need your photo. 

Invest $5000 or more

1-Day VIP Studio Pass for Two. Spend a day seeing it all happen at our studio. You have the responsibility of travel and lodging to get to the studio (plus all previous perks).

Invest $10000 or more

Invitation as a VIP Guest to the New York City Red Carpet Premiere. Remember, you have the full responsibility of travel and lodging to get to the event (plus all previous perks).

Invest $25,000 or more

Investor's Lunch in New York City with Director Steve Day. Come along to the exclusive Investor’s lunch with Director Steve Day. We'll give times and locations for the possible dates when the details are available. Remember, you have the full responsibility of travel and lodging to get to the movie premiere location (plus all previous perks).

Invest $50,000 or more

The Director’s Gift Box. Receive a poster signed by the team, a Coffee Table Style BTS Photo Album, a signed script, and early access to the Director’s Cut of the Season One Trailer (plus all previous perks).

Invest $100,000 or more

Become an Associate Producer. Receive an associate producer credit that will be included in listings on IMDB (plus all previous perks).

Invest $250,000 or more

Become a Co-Executive Producer. Receive an executive producer credit that will be included in listings on IMDB (plus all previous perks, except the associate producer credit).


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