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01 Just a Jew (Joseph)
02 I Want to Be Delivered (Mary)
03 Hello, Mary (The Angel)
04 I Don't Know That She Wants What I Want (Joseph)
05 Eggplant Casserole (Benjamin)
06 Joseph_s Never Gonna Believe Me (Mary)
07 Magnificat (Elizabeth _ Mary)
08 Hello, Joseph (The Angel)
09 Herod_s Way (Micha _ Avigail, the inkeeper _ his wife)
10 My Part of the Story (Joseph)
11 The Space Between (Mary)
12 Birthing Checklist For Sheep and-or Fathers (Naphtali, the sheperd)
13 Magnificat Reprise (Mary, Joseph, Midwife, Naphtali)
14 Sleepy Deepy, Poopy Sheepie (Mary _ Joseph)
15 Why Does God Have to Look So Human (Mary _ Joseph)
16 O, Great Light (Magus, as in the singular of magi)
17 Put a Little Faith in Me (Joseph)
18 Get Out of Herod_s Way (Micha Avigail, Joseph, Mary)
19 No, Just Go (The Angel)
20 Just the Messenger (Joseph _ The Angel)
21 Whose Baby is He (Mary)
22 Walk Through the Sea on Dry Land (Benjamin, Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary)
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