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Never Gonna - Test Animation - The 6th song in the movie. Mary knows her calling from God to have the baby means she'll no longer be married to Joseph. Tell what you think of this song at

Eggplant Casserole - Test Animation -  The 5th song in the movie. This song comes before the one above) Joseph is surprised when his friend Benjamin shares some gossip about Mary. ...... Oops !

Herod's Way - Test Animation - The 9th song in the movie. The Innkeepers want Joseph's building skills, so they convince Mary and Joseph to stay in their shed.

Why Does God Have to Look so Human? Don and Lori Chaffer perform the 15th song from the movie. Get the full album at the link above. Tell us what you think of this song at Which song should we animate next ? Listen to the album (the link is above) And tell us which song you want at

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